Bikes Registered by Motorbike-Warehouse

Some of our new motorbikes, scooters and quads come as an 'on the road' (OTR) deal - this means the price includes DVLA 1st registration charge, 12 month's road tax (6 months for on road quads) and supply of the number plate and a tax disc holder. In other words, we supply the vehicle already registered for road use.

There are 2 ways we can supply registered too! Pre-registered or alternatively, you as the 1st Registered Keeper. The former means we pre-register the vehicle in our name and you become the 2nd registered keeper. This speeds the whole registration process and simplifies it as we do not require any ID or documents for you. All you will be required to do it to ensure you are insured when you ride. The V5 (log book) will be sent to us from the DVLA within 3 weeks, we then fill in your details and send back to DVLA. Within another 3 weeks you will have the V5 document in your name. You are legally allowed to ride your new motorcycle, scooter or quad while the V5 document is being updated.

The second way of us registering means you are the 1st Registered Keeper, not us, but the process is slightly delayed as we require your ID and insurance to register. We require original insurance certificate (usually based on the VIN of the bike or scooter), both parts of your driving license and a bank statement or utility bill.

If Motorbike-Warehouse Supply the Paperwork

We will supply you with all the legal documents you will need to register your new motorcycle or scooter, the C+E form to show VAT and duty has been paid, a V55/2 form which you will need to fill in with details of the new vehicle and a V267 - this shows the 'newness' of your motorcycle or scooter.

We will also send you a 'COC' this is a Certificate of Conformity - this explains that your new purchase meets all the required standards to be used on UK roads.

Your next course of action is to ring an insurance company to get insured - we recommend Rampdale - and please quote reference 234294.

Once you are insured Rampdale, or whoever, will send you your insurance certificate.

Next you will need to locate your driving license, a bank or credit card statement and an utility bill.

Once you have all these documents in hand please visit your local DVLA centre - click here to find your nearest DVLA and get other details about registration, road fund licence, etc. Note that you will need to pay them cash or cheque for the registration and your first years road fund license.

This DVLA page describes what you need to do in order to register your bike with them.

Your local DVLA centre will then register the bike and send you back your documents and a certificate for you to produce your actual registration plate - take this to a local shop who can make you a plate - and they will!

That's it - all done and registered.


Motorbike-Warehouse Supplying a Used Vehicle
Used vehicles will be supplied with the V5 document (unless we tell you it is not present)


You can click here for any help on registration.


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